Theme Broken and English Imitation Practice

After I updated to WordPress 6.0, the home page carousel broke, so I’m going to do some redesign of this site in the near future (actually on a very low priority). Still feeling sorry for this site and myself.

Tommy / 12 July 2022 / Sydney

Oh I ducking fixed it, I don’t really know much about web development but as I worked with javascript a lot. So I thankfully don’t need to worry about it at all. The reason I came here tonight is to record the technique I use every day to improve my spoken English, which is simply to imitate, without any particular learning material and try to adapt a new accent for myself.

So we’re going to spend one hour, or even more, on this speaking exercise, and here’s how it works.

First we need to find a video of an appropriate length, usually 5-10 minutes, I use videos from YouTube channel: Aussie English to suit my new accent.

Then we start to listen, watch the whole video and make sure there’s no unfamiliar words.

Then we repeat every sentence in a 0.75x speed, try the best to pronounce exactly the same way of the speaker, then we can try 1.0x speed, make sure it all goes well and we can talk in that way fluently.

Then we turn lower the voice and try to make the speech, record it and compare to the original video to see the different. The whole process may takes more than 10 times time of the video but I believe our accent will be much better as long as we keep doing it everyday, the mouth need practicing and I can’t wait to see the outcome.